Welcome to Marwood Cooperatives website! Here you can find information about Marwood house, and alumni of Marwood can create accounts and update contact information.

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As you can see the house website has been reconstructed. Along with looking different there are some new features of the website.

The main feature of this website is the ability for you, an alumni of the great Marwood Cooperative, to create an account with us. Once you have an account set up, you will be able to store contact information, such as current address, email or phone numbers. ( this information will only be available to members of the same pledge class, and the website administrator ) This will greatly improve our Alumni Database allowing us to keep you up to date with house matters.

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Current House Members

Name Position Major Pledge Class
.Tiberius House Dog BORK 2016 Email
.Tripp House Dog Woof 2016 Email
Alex Knox Secretary Mechanical Engineering Technology 2012 Email
Alex Ramsey Civil Engineering 2014 Email
Black Strawsma Purchasing Agent, Philanthropy Chair Mechanical Engineering Technology 2016 Email
Blake Thomas Risk Manager Computer Science 2015 Email
Dan Gray Mass Communication 2014 Email
Elijah Hegg Recruitment Chair/New Member Educator Elementary Education 2016 Email
Ethan Fultz Animal Science 2014 Email
Evan Woods Chemistry 2014 Email
Jacob Meyer House Manager Mechanical Engineering Technology 2016 Email
Jacob Muller Vice President, Social Chair, Alumni Chair Agricultural Business 2016 Email
Joe Ensign Accounting 2015 Email
Joe Igleski Purchasing Agent Mechanical Engineering 2015 Email
Luke Jakub Mechanical Engineering Technology 2014 Email
Marshall Perkins Agricultural Business Management 2013 Email
Nicholas Bower Social Chair Retail Management, Selling and Sales Management 2016 Email
Nicholas Fanning Corporation Treasurer Agronomy 2016 Email
Sam Anglin Animal Science 2014 Email
Sam Ensign Computer Graphics Technology 2013 Email
Sam Haffley House Tresurer Civil Engineering 2014 Email
Skylar Clingan President Animal Science, Agriculture Education 2015 Email
Yash Shah Technology Chair Electrical Engineering 2015 Email

Marwood House History


In the fall of the year nineteen hundred and thirty-six, Reverend William McFadden, of the Methodist Church of West Lafayette, held a meeting at the Wesley Foundation. This meeting was held to discuss plans for securing a suitable house for starting a Cooperative House.

After a house was found at 204 Marstellar Street, fifteen Purdue students organized and moved into the house on or soon after January 1, 1937, and they named the house Marstellar Cooperative House, and paid a $20.00 monthly house bill.

Marstellar Cooperative became known as Marwood Cooperative House when it was decided to combine the names of the streets the house was on, the corner of Marstellar and Wood Streets.


Bachelor Haven, on the corner of Waldron and State Streets, became the second house occupied by the Marwood members on June 2, 1942. Mr. Goodnight, the landlord of Bachelor Haven, rented the house to the Marwood members for $50.00 a month.

In 1946, plans were completed to pay off the mortgage of the house.

In 1955, the house was officially purchased and owned by the Marwood members.


In the fall of 1967, Marwood Cooperative moved to a new location at 136 Littleton Street. The purchasing price, consisting of the house (owned by Dr. Calvert) and three acres, was $85,0000.00. the house was previously occupied by a Jewish fraternity, Tau Epsilon Phi.

In 1977, after Mrs. Huffman left, it was decided that a house mother was no longer needed. Instead, a cook was hired to prepare the five evening meals. The other meals were prepared by the house members themselves. This cook was Mrs. Ema Ryan

In 1978, the mortgage was paid off on this house, and, once again, Marwood owned its own house.


Mrs. Ryan retired after the Spring semester of 1985. In the search of a new cook, a member of the house, Mr. Timothy Ehlerding, proposed to act as cook in exchange for free room and board, and the members accepted.

To avoid having to fill the cook position so often, it was decided to hire someone other than a house member as cook. Mrs. Edith Crandall was hired in the fall of 1986.

Then , in October of 1990, Mrs. Crandall retired, due to her husband’s declining health. The house members accepted the quick solution of having two house members, Mike Albrecht and Brent Spaulding, alternate cooking responsibilities. Following this, Marwood members took over the responsibility of all food preparation.


In the fall of 1995, Marwood Cooperative became known as Theta Delta Chi. In order to ease growing financial burdens, the House hoped to benefit from belonging to a national chartered fraternity.

After one year and no real foreseeable benefit, the House returned to being known only as Marwood and rejoined the Purdue Cooperative Council. This movement is why Marwood is no longer the longest running Cooperative House but is still the oldest.

Rush Marwood

Marwood Cooperative House, being the oldest cooperative dating back to 1936, offers a care-free and close-knit environment where young men can learn essential skills that will help them later on in life. Marwood is conveniently located next to the Levee and is a short walk from campus.

Because of its relatively small number of members, Marwood offers an opportunity to make friends that will indeed last a lifetime. The best thing about Marwood is that there is always something to do.

Marwood, to this day, prides itself on its unique diversity, efficiency, and self-sufficiency. The house and the property it stands on are jointly owned, not by the university, but by each member of Marwood, both active members and alumni. By living at Marwood, we are perpetuating the life of an organization that we can honestly call our own.

For more information please contact the Marwood External Vice President

Need help with a class?

The members of Marwood are enrolled in a variety of different majors; you can always find someone to help answer a question. At Marwood we stress the importance of academics and all members are strongly encouraged to apply themselves to the best of their abilities.

Got all of your homework done?

Just walk down the hall and see who is hanging out or playing games in the front yard.

Need Exercise?

We participate in a variety of intramural sports against other cooperative houses.

Feel like relaxing somewhere besides campus?

The men of Marwood often pack up for a weekend of camping, paintball, or both.

House News

6 men begin New Member Program 8-24-2015

For 2015, Marwood has six new members seeking to become active members. They are Yassh Shah, Joe Ensign, Zane Martin, Joe Igleski, Blake Thomas, and Skylar Clingan

Perkins begins second term 8-24-2015

Junior Marshall Perkins began his final term as President of Marwood Cooperative.

Two siblings reside in Marwood 8-24-2015

For the first time since the Trusdells (aka: one-tall, two-tall, and three-tall), two siblings resided at Marwood at the same time. Both Sam and Joe Ensign called Marwood home in Fall 2015.

Marwood Website Updated 8-14-2015

The current house members are now up to date for the new school year

House repainted over summer 08-24-2015

Marwood Cooperative received a much-needed new coat of paint over the summer. Much thanks to current Corporation Treasurer Dan Gray as he directed the operation .